Cirque of the Towers

Cirque of the Towers

In August of 2012 my friends Forrest Murter, Stephen Torna and I traveled to The Cirque of the the Towers in the Wind River Range of Wyoming to get on some big multi-pitch climbs. We left Billings at 5 one morning, and arrived at the trailhead at noon. It took us a few hours to hike in, and set up base camp for the week. The first day we climbed a 10 pitch 5.8 on Mitchell Peak (The photo is of us three on the summit of Mitchell Peak. Left to right – Justin Willis, Stephen Torna, Forrest Murter). The next day we woke up, and did the Wolf’s Head, which of coarse was a classic. The following day was our only rest day, and we spent it playing cards, and swimming in Lonesome Lake at the base of Pingora. The next day we woke up at 3:00 to climb the 12 pitch East Face of Pingora. The first, and best pitch of the route we climbed in the dark, which was a first for all of us. We decided we would try not to look at the time for a while, and just climb as fast as we could. We ended up doing the first six pitches in 2 hours, and the next 6 in 3 hours. We were back to camp by 6:30. By far our most succesful day. The next day we climbed the East Ledges on Pingora, rappelled down to the shoulder, and climbed the South Buttress, along with the famous K-cracks. The following day we decided to hike out.
It was a highly successful trip, and we met some great people, but the best part was having such a great time with two great people. Thanks for the experience guys! Sure was fun getting out into the hills with you, and I can’t wait for our next big adventure!


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